I’ve posted about Tina Seelig’s creativity model before, but here’s a TEDx Talk that provides a nice overview of the model.  I’m attracted to this model because it not only focuses on creativity and imagination, but on external factors like habitat and culture.

The principles behind this model dovetail with the Idea Climate Equation we developed at Miles Finch Innovation.

I’m a big Clayton Christensen admirer and this is a slightly different talk for him.  Still great.

via You Tube:

"It’s actually really important that you succeed at what you’re succeeding at, but that isn’t going to be the measure of your life."

Too often, we measure success in life against the progress we make in our careers. But how can we ensure we’re not straying from our values as humans along the way? Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and world-renowned innovation guru, examines the daily decisions that define our lives and encourages all of us to think about what is truly important.

Building Creative Confidence.  A TED talk by David Kelley.

A nice video especially for those who feel they are not creative.  Kelley describes how one negative experience can impact someone’s desire to partake in creative endeavors.  When he works with executive level clients he can sense the ‘fear of judgement’ in the room.  I believe this ‘fear of judgement’ is a key issue that needs to shift in most companies.  With creativity comes absurdity — so leaders need to feel comfortable both listening to and sharing their own ‘crazy’ ideas.  Once employees feel judgement is present in the room when idea sharing is taking place, they are likely to shut down and/or act cautiously.

When the moment calls for being creative, then be creative.  When the time calls for decision making, then be more judgmental.  Just remember to protect early ideas from the heavy weight of quick judgments.  It’s a sure way to kill ideas that need time to incubate. 

Renny Gleeson Ted Talk:  404, The Story of a Page Not Found.

I love examples of people who transform mundane things into engaging experiences.  See how some clever people turned internet error messages into a marketing opportunity.

Child prodigy Adora Svitak speaks at TED about how learning between kids and adults should be reciprocal.

"Kids don’t think about limitations of how hard it can be, they just think about good ideas."  A great quote to think about before you walk into your next brainstorming session.

Chris Anderson, Curator of TED, discusses the power of video to accelerate the speed of society’s ability to innovate. He calls it Crowd Accelerated Innovation.

As videos from TED, PopTech and others continue to inspire people all over the world, I can’t help but ask why organizations don’t use video more in internal endeavors. Imagine building capability to express consumer insight in video rather than just words, paper and pictures. Imagine the alignment, curiosity and belief an “insight video” would create across an organization!