Automatic is a Smart Driving Assistant that connects your car to your smartphone and makes driving safer, more efficient, and fun.

While it’s an interesting concept and nicely executed, I’m on the fence regarding it’s overall utility.  The visualization of the data is great, but it looks like I already get much of the same data from my car’s trip computer already.  Then there’s the issue of data collection and privacy…

 What do you think?

The Drone that Fires 80,000 Volts at Intruders

OK, this was done to attract publicity, but it does raise questions and concerns about the future of drone use, no?


Shouting at strangers to get off your lawn as you menacingly wave a crumbled newspaper is a thing of the past; in the near future, you’ll be sending stun-gun carrying drones after them. CUPID, short for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, is an app controlled six-pronged-copter flying drone that packs an 80,000 volt Taser dart ― legally surpassing policemen’s 50,000 volt Tasers.

Can iPod-Powered Scarecrows Protect Africa’s Farms?



by Wynne Parry

At a study site in Kasigau, Kenya, subsistence farmers scratch out a living on dry, nutrient-depleted soil. The small farms, called shambas, rely on rain and methods in use since the beginning of agriculture to produce corn, lentils and cowpeas.

Wildlife —from elephants to monkeys and small antelope — raid these crops. By doing so, they take food off farmers’ tables or, in extreme cases, cost a grower his or her livelihood for a full season.

The problem and the basic solution are ancient. Farmers plant crops, animals raid them, and farmers put up scarecrows to frighten off the marauders. Now, researchers are combining common technologies with insight into animal behavior to update the ancient scarecrow in the hopes of helping the most vulnerable of growers.

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