The Iron Man Juggles Cars!

BugJuggler is a 70ft tall robot concept that uses hydraulic cylinders to juggle cars.  Hailed as “a new frontier in robotic entertainment,” the folks behind BugJuggler are actively seeking investment and sponsorship opportunities. Wouldn’t you like to see this thing live?


BugJuggler will use a diesel engine to generate hydraulic pressure. An operator located in the robot’s head will be able to control its motions using a haptic feedback interface connected to high-speed servo valves. Hydraulic accumulators - essentially storage batteries for hydraulic fluid - will allow for the rapid movement required for the robot to juggle cars or other large, heavy objects. 

BugJuggler represents a new frontier in robotic entertainment. Moving beyond the car crushing robots of the past century, BugJuggler will use 21st century technology to perform breathtaking feats including juggling up to three cars simultaneously. Please contact us to discuss exciting investment and sponsorship opportunities. 

You can learn more about the technology behind the concept here.

I demo’d this at the 99U Conference a few weeks ago.  It’s amazing and I want one!


Adobe’s New Pen And Ruler Tease The Future Of Digital Creativity

Its not just a neat stylus and ruler. If Adobes new tools are a hit, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects change forever.

I draw a perfectly straight line on my iPad. Then I bisect it at a true 90 degrees. I draw triangles and circles and squares until the screen is cacophony of pristine shapes.


I’m using Adobe’s new hardware—a stylus called Ink and a ruler called Slide, which are available as a pair for $200 today. Born from an unfunded, skunkworks project within Adobe’s walls, the company teamed with Ammunition—the same design firm behind Beats—to craft this aluminum hardware that teases the future of the company and how all of us will create digital media tomorrow.


“Our interaction methods are pretty long in the tooth. The mouse and keyboard are growing ancient. A lot of things we did were innovations 20 years ago. Now they’re habituations,” admits Michael Gough, vice president of Experience Design, Adobe. “We’re used to using that control key. Was that the best way we could expose that experience? Probably not.”

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Automatic is a Smart Driving Assistant that connects your car to your smartphone and makes driving safer, more efficient, and fun.

While it’s an interesting concept and nicely executed, I’m on the fence regarding it’s overall utility.  The visualization of the data is great, but it looks like I already get much of the same data from my car’s trip computer already.  Then there’s the issue of data collection and privacy…

 What do you think?